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RENT-to-OWN the "Home of your Choice" in Winnipeg, MB

RENT-to-OWN the "Home of your Choice" in Winnipeg, MB

with Cyril Rocero - MaxPro Real Estate - Winnipeg Realtor



Yes! You'll get to shop any property listed in the MLS or any private listing and RENT-to-OWN the "HOME of your choice" in Winnipeg.

From time to time, there would be some homeowners whom consider selling their rented properties to their tenants through rent-to-own. There might be few home sellers whom may do rent-to-own their property, but only those whom were not in a desperate need to get their investment money back quickly. Most home sellers are in the condition of needing their investments from their homes back as quick as possible due to a lot of different reasons. And this is why it is not very often that we see a home for sale listed as a rent-to-own property. With Requity Homes, you'll get to shop for the "home of your choice" now, rent it out while working on your financing and then buy the home from them years later as set in the terms when you are ready and have secured a mortgage financing.

If you are looking to buy a home soon but currently unble to get a mortgage financing yet doesn't want to get stuck to just another rent-to-own home only because there are not enough available selections to choose from. Then, Requity Homes rent-to-own, buy the "home of your choice" is your best option. 

Requity Homes is working with our team to help homebuyers like you find the "home of your choice" through rent-to-own home program in Winnipeg. I'd be helping you find that "home of your choice" and start living in your future home much sooner than years later.

Eligible Homes for the Rent-to-Own

  1. Condition: The home needs to be move-in ready. We cannot purchase any homes if it’s not habitable
  2. Type of homes: freehold single-family homes and townhouses
  3. Areas: Requity Homes operate in Northern Ontario (Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and North Bay), Saskatchewan (Regina & Saskatoon), Alberta (Calgary & Edmonton), and Manitoba (Winnipeg).
  4. No rural properties
  5. No leasehold or modular homes
  6. No condominiums or cooperative housing
  7. Homes have to be on municipal water and sewerage
  8. Home price range: $150k-$600k


  1. Be able to live in your future home much sooner while working on finances and securing your mortgage approval.
  2. Fixed rent with no annual increase during the lease prior to purchase.
  3. Be able to hold the future purchase price of the property regardless of wheather the value of the home increases later or if the market goes crazy expensive again like it was during the pandemic.
  4. You'll not going to worry of being able to accidentally spend the money you are setting aside for the downpayments.
  5. Secure a lower purchase price on the property you want to buy while we're still in the "Buyer's Market."


  1. Since you pick the home of your choice, you'd be committed to buying it. Otherwise, if you later decide to cancel, you'll lose your deposit plus a big chunk of the money that goes toward your deposit.
  2. You'll be releasing a higher monthly payments than the standard rental monthly rates, to which some portions of it goes towards saving for your downpayments.

Rent-to-own is NOT advisable if your current credit score is good and you have no issues getting a mortgage approval. Otherwise, we could start shopping for your ideal home right-away without needing a temporary investor.


Case Scenarios

1. Are you a newcomer in Canada wanting to buy a home in Winnipeg soon?

Read case scenario - CLICK HERE! 

2. Did your mortgage pre-approval fall short for the asking price of your dream home, or just doesn't qualify for mortgage approval?

Read case scenario - CLICK HERE!

3. Did you just find a perfect home that you LOVE to buy NOW, but your funds for the down payment are not enough yet?

Read case scenario - CLICK HERE!

4. Is saving money for the downpayment becoming a very tough challenge for you that you've been trying for several years and still couldn't make it?

Read case scenario - CLICK HERE!

5. Or maybe you've been just wondering how a RENT-TO-OWN program works and if you think is a good option for you.

Then, please scroll down and learn more about the Rent to Own program by Requity Homes and maybe, this is the best option for you to finally own your home!



Buying a HOME for your family is becoming tough recently due to the very high-interest rates of home mortgages and this is why I am eager to look for ways to help my clients and hopefully make it easier for them. I suddenly thought of searching for RENT to OWN programs in Canada so last year, in 2022, I reached out to this company and they responded positively.

Requity Homes
Requity Homes

I am glad to introduce Requity Homes, a company from Ontario, whose mission is to provide Affordable Home Ownership service for struggling home buyers through Rent to Own program which had been operating in other cities in Canada since 2020, is now open in Winnipeg!


Through RENT to OWN program In Winnipeg


1. Get pre-qualified for the program through Requity Homes and set a budget.

2. You'll work with me on finding the property you want to purchase.

3. Requity buys the property and holds it for you while you're renting from them.

4. You can move into the home right away for a short term of 1 - 3 years while saving for a mortgage downpayment.

5. When ready, you may have the option to buy back the home from Requity Homes or walk away.

This video explains how it works.

Please take time to watch!



While some may or may not be qualified to be on the program for now, but the good thing is that Requity offers coaching sessions to help you get into the Rent to Own program in a few months or so. It is just like going to a gym. Why do you think some people hire a gym trainer when they can work out on their own for free anyways?

A lot of struggling home buyers are excited about this opportunity, so if this interests you, please contact me right away. We'll set up a meeting for the presentation and then, we'll discuss your situation and the process of going through the program.

I'm always looking for ways to help and provide the best service possible for my clients in Winnipeg and nearby towns in Manitoba. Please try me, you won't be sorry!


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FEATURED LINK: Find HOMES for SALE in Winnipeg within your price range.


In case you are planning on buying a property soon or next year, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please remember, I'm Your Realtor! Thanks for reading.


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