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Are you a newcomer in Canada wanting to buy a home in Winnipeg soon?

We cannot ignore that some new immigrants in Winnipeg have issues renting an apartment. Maybe their family members are exceeding the allowed capacity per unit set by apartment landlords, or just because they brought a pet with them and the landlord also doesn't allow it. Some people wish for a planting garden or a covered garage, which may not be available in some apartments. These scenarios could motivate one to consider buying a home instead. But then, they won't get a mortgage approval yet due to a lack of credit history at the time. Too bad, but luckily there are ways to get around it.

Did your mortgage pre-approval fall short for the asking price of your dream home, or just doesn't qualify for mortgage approval at all?

Some home buyers could be in temporary low situations like:

  1. One of the co-buyers just got laid off from work
  2. Currently on a maternity or paternity leave
  3. Being new to your job employment
  4. Have a job, but the status is not "full-time permanent"
  5. Have too much debt or a poor financial situation
  6. Had previous records but not currently in the grace period of bankruptcy or consumer proposal

Did you just find a perfect home that you LOVE to buy NOW, but your funds for the down payment are not enough yet?

Can you imagine? A man falling in love with a woman thinking if he doesn't take her now, surely someone else will? Some men will do anything no matter what could happen next and regardless of being ready or not. Well, this case scenario is almost the same. Some people become too emotional after falling in love with a property listed for sale but realize they have not saved money or prepared themselves to buy a home yet. It is mentally tough for anyone. But there's always hope, and the only thing one can do is to leverage the situation.

Is saving money for the downpayment becoming a very tough challenge for you that you've been trying for several years and still couldn't make it?

This one might be similar to the previous case above in terms of - both NOT having a "downpayment ready" situation. But the other is more about being in a certain point of sudden "life-defining" decision-making moments or "crossroads" while this case is more about discipline.

Ok, you pledged to start saving money for the downpayment so you could purchase a home after a year or two. Then five years have passed, and you still can't make it due to several reasons, urgencies, and excuses. I know it is considerably challenging to focus and discipline ourselves because... There will always be something that will come up unexpectedly, and we couldn't help but compromise. I think the best way is to start setting up priorities and stay focused on which matters the most and make a COMMITMENT.



If you find yourself trapped in any of these situations or similar with the ones mentioned above... Then, I guess the best alternative option to try if you want to start owning your HOME is by going into a RENT TO OWN program. If you want to learn more about it, please don't hesitate to contact me, and I'll do my best to help you!






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In case you are planning on buying a property soon or next year, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please remember, I'm Your Realtor! Thanks for reading.


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